Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Operation: Jamaica, ETA: 66 Days

Wahoo!  3 blogs in a row!

Ok, had breakfast again today!  Kind of enjoying the snuggle time on the couch with the pooch while eating my bowl of cereal.  Brought a salad for lunch, left over from the dinner we ordered out last night.  Definitely didn't order the healthiest, but oh well, it was YUMMY!  Even if the Adam did have to wait an HOUR at the restuaurant, when they said it'd be ready in 25 minutes.  However, breakfast and lunch were healthy... so I give myself a pass.

Ankle is feeling better.  Hoping to be close to 100% next week.  Adam's mom is giving us her treadmill! SUPER exciting.  Will but the earlier mornings to good use, since Corbin has been waking me up earlier and earlier. 

Weighed in this morning... 196.2.  Which, makes me sick to my stomach concidering it's 10lbs more than when I weighed in on the blog in September.  If I just stuck with it then!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh well, no use complaining about the past.  Now is now, and we're going to do it this time! 

Man, this blog is super boring.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Operation: Jamaica, ETA: 67 days

Ok, two days in a row.  Awesome.

I haven't weighed in yet.  Hopefully I'll remember tomorrow morning.  I ate breakfast this morning!  Something I don't normally do.  Hoping to get into a habit of eating great in the morning, healhty filling breakfast.  Eating great at lunch, healthy filling salad with grilled chicken perhaps.  And eating a semi healthy dinner.  I mean, really... how many good healthy recipes are there for dinner?  I'm going to find out.  But, not holding myself to a crazy healthy dinner.  Mostly becaus I think my boyfriend would make me move out.

However, I didn't bring anything for lunch today... and I need to get my passport on my lunch break... so scratch the super healthy and filling lunch and replace with whatever I find in my desk... maybe oatmeal or a granola bar.  Not unhealthy... but not exactly filling.

Ankle feels a bit better today, walking better -good sign!  Hopefully by next week I'll be 100% and on my way to a slimmer Jenn.

Ok, day two of tracking.  Not wonderful news, but, hey!  at least I'm writing this stuff down, which should motivate me to get better with eating and bring lunch and yadda yadda yadda.  Goal: grocery shop tonight, bring lunch tomorrow.

And, in 65 days, when I'm getting ready for vacation, I'm going to look back and be thankful for these first few days!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Operation: Jamaica, ETA: 68 days

So, I suck at updating this blog, and I super suck at following everything I wrote in the last post... in SEPTEMBER.  It's now February 13, 2012 and I'm taking off for Jamaica with my lovely boyfriend in 68 days.  In order to look less like a beached whale and more like someone who should be tanning on a beach... I'm in Operation Jamaica.  Of course, the sprained ankle that doomed my life last week will not be helping, but I'll be attempting the bike at the gym tomorrow.  Won't keep me down!  Shopping tonight for healthy foods.... might be bland, but grilled chicken and spinach leaves it is for the next 2 months!  I have a few healthy recipes I'd like to try for dinner... but breakfast and lunch will be super healthy. 

Of course, between now and Jamaica we have 6 birthdays.  And all 6 will be grouped into 3 dinners... maybe 4.  So, if I eat healthy every day except for those 3 or 4 dinners... I'll allow my self to enjoy those dinners without counting calories... too much.

I know how to do this, I know how to eat healthy and exercise.  I know I can do it.  I'm just pretty unmotivated.  So hopefully a photo of Jamaica every day next to a picture of me when I was thin will do the trick. 

Oh, and tracking my progress on the blog.  Seriously.  I'll do it.