Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Blogging with a vengeance

So, I started this blog at 26 (almost 27).  I've hardly used it because it's just way easier to blog about as my dog.

But, screw it.  I'm back.  I'm now 28, although my 28th birthday is one I'd like to forget.  Actually the past two months could disappear and I'd be perfectly fine with that... we'll chat about that later.  Not that anyone follows this blog, but it was started as a DIY, crafty, weightloss, get organized, get your life together and blog about it type of blog.  So, let's recap what I've done about those things in the last 15 months.

No crafts.
No DIY things
Still not organized
Life is still a mess and traveling at the speed of light.

I have, however, lost 15lbs.  I joined a boot camp type program in September.  I got my ass kicked in killer work outs and stuck to a no carb/low carb meal plan.  I worked my ass off and I lost weight.  But, on week 5 of our 8 week camp, my life changed... I haven't been able to go back to class and the thought of food just makes me sick to my stomach.  Anyway, that's why I'm back to this blog.

Ok, I'm going to say it again because I'm proud.  I lost 15lbs!  That last paragraph just didn't sound too exciting, so I had to do it again... I LOST 15lbs!!!  Wahoo!

Me.  15lbs lighter at the Giants @ Carolina game.

So, why am I back here?  Well, I've jacked my dogs blog a few times in the last month and I've realized I have a lot to say... I lot of frustrations to vent and I need a place to do that.  The support on Corbin's blog is outrageously amazing... but Corbin gets a little angry when I post about non Corbin related topics.

Want me to get to the point yet?  My dad was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Bam.  Hits ya like a ton of bricks. 

My family and I have been trying to cope with this and trying to get my dad healthy so he can get a PET scan and begin chemo.  He was in the hospital for 16 days at the end of September/beginning of October.  He was diagnosed 4 days before my 28th birthday.  He came home for 5 days, lost consciousness on me and fell and hit his head... so he went back to the hospital last week.  He had a drain put in his left lung on Sunday and had it removed today.  Hopefully, he'll be heading home soon and we can get a move on kicking this cancers ass.

So, there you have it.  My re-introduction blog post.  I even added a picture!