Thursday, September 1, 2011

Getting it all out

Happy September! 

Here are my "goals" for the month.  What's that saying?  It takes 66 days to break a habit?  How long to form a new one?

Ok, so first... getting the hang of having two blogs is a pain in the rear.  If anyone receives a deleted post from Corbin, that's just me being an idiot.

So, now, onto the real stuff. 

Diet starts now.  It didn't start yesterday because last night we went to dinner with the bf's mom to an amazing restaurant... and there was no way I was going to hold back. 

Current weight: 187.4.  Yes, I really wrote that down... somewhere where anyone can see it.  People other than me.  Although, I'm sure no one really cares how much I weigh, but writing it down... now, that's a step.  So, now that that's out in the open, maybe I can step up my weight loss game.  I'm registered at Weight Watchers, which I started in April and did well on for a few months, then fell off the wagon.  I lost 15lbs, gained back 2.  Not too shabby, but how much weight could I have lost while I slacked off?  Yea... could definitely be closer to my goal.  Which, btw, is 155lbs.  I figure that's a healthy weight... and it's definitely doable.  150lbs would be nice... 145 would be fantastic... anything under 145 makes me look sickly... so that's why I'd be pretty content with 155.

I was going to add a picture of myself at my current weight...
but I'm usually the one behind the camera, so there aren't any
good pictures of me or pictures of anything more than my head.
So this is my dog.  Meet Corbin.
That was a lot of numbers.  And speaking of numbers, since I'm baring it all... I'm broke.  And I've decided that being broke goes right along with being an uncontrolable, non weightwatchers doing fatty.  Because, I spend a crap load of money on fast food... or food in general.  So, lower $ spent on fast food = lower weight... right?  Yea, seems like it should be right, so lets hope so!

Food and coffee brought from home today!
Need to go grocery shopping... clearly.
And, last but not least, lets get organized.  I figure this ties into everything else... more organized I am, the more likely I am to bring  a lunch into work and make coffee in the morning means the less likely I am to go out to get something for lunch or get coffee in the morning... less money spent, less weight gained!

Now onto Day 1 of my new, organized, healthy, budgetting life.  Seems a little crazy to just decide to do it all at once, but while breaking one bad habit, why not break a few?

Oh, and one more goal... I promise to give this blog more attention.