Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Operation: Jamaica, ETA: 66 Days

Wahoo!  3 blogs in a row!

Ok, had breakfast again today!  Kind of enjoying the snuggle time on the couch with the pooch while eating my bowl of cereal.  Brought a salad for lunch, left over from the dinner we ordered out last night.  Definitely didn't order the healthiest, but oh well, it was YUMMY!  Even if the Adam did have to wait an HOUR at the restuaurant, when they said it'd be ready in 25 minutes.  However, breakfast and lunch were healthy... so I give myself a pass.

Ankle is feeling better.  Hoping to be close to 100% next week.  Adam's mom is giving us her treadmill! SUPER exciting.  Will but the earlier mornings to good use, since Corbin has been waking me up earlier and earlier. 

Weighed in this morning... 196.2.  Which, makes me sick to my stomach concidering it's 10lbs more than when I weighed in on the blog in September.  If I just stuck with it then!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh well, no use complaining about the past.  Now is now, and we're going to do it this time! 

Man, this blog is super boring.

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